A Game Changer is an individual who strives for excellence on and off the field, court, pool, etc. Game Changers work hard to help make an impact in their school, community, and self by becoming a leader.

Game Changers' Impact since 2014



The Game Changers Scholarship & ESPY Initiative is a nationwide program that recognizes the positive impact student-athletes have in their community while also encouraging them to be a well-rounded members of society.

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Game Changers Player of the Week

In the Fall of 2017, Player of The Week was a program launched nationwide to highlight the selfless behaviors that students display, which has an encouraging and positive impression amongst athletes, peers, and the community.  If you know of such an athlete, click below!

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Michael Engram

Chief Executive Coach

Michael Engram, Founder of Game Changers, is an admirer of people who make an impact in the world by putting other's needs before his own.


After almost seven years of volunteering and establishing platforms for thousands of youth, Michael moved back to his hometown of Warren, Ohio in 2013 to create something that would engage high school athletes to be more than athletes--rather for them to be Ambassadors.  


In January of 2014, the state of Ohio recognized Game Changers Leadership and Peer Mentoring Initiative as a nonprofit entity.  In January of 2015, the federal government recognized Game Changers as 501(c)(3).  In those short amount of years, Game Changers has built roots in NE Ohio and gives support to students nationwide.  The best is yet to come!

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